Interviews with 2x Heart Transplant Recipient and Author Steven Taibbi, Singer-Songwriter INIKO and Artist-Musician Sidney Riley

June 17th, 2022

On today's show, we have 2X heart transplant recipient Steven Taibbi.

He discusses his latest book. 'Grateful Guilt: Living in the Shadow of My Heart'.

In his book, Steven documents his life's journey dealing with his heart issues along with all the up's and downs life has thrown his way.

In a rare moment of extended family bonding, Steven Taibbi a 2X heart donor recipient just met with the family of the recent donor. The family, that did not originally respond to the thank you from Mr. Taibbi, would later contact him when they were ready. The donor's mother expressed their desire to meet him. Steven arrived with a stethoscope in hand, should they wish to listen to the heart of their son and father beating in Steve's chest. All of the women in the family (mother, sister, daughter, ex-wife, and aunt) took turns listening, while the male members (father and sons) opted not to listen. They informed Steve, that night, that they considered him family now. Statistically, only 3% of donor families answer any correspondence, let alone meet the recipient, and it sometimes does not go well. However, in this case, the donor's mother expressed her joy that her son's life helped not only save Steven's life but several others as a multiple organ donor.

For 25 years, Steven owned his own production company and was a Director/Producer/Director of Photography for both corporate and commercial video and film. He has also been a contributing writer for Videography magazine and other productions. He has written television scripts, TV and Radio commercials and was the lyricist for a song-writing team. Mr. Taibbi was the Vice President of Transplant Speakers International and is currently a public speaker and organ donation advocate, as well as a professional photographer. 

Pick up his book on

Paperback, ISBN: 9780578473390

Also today we speak with singer/songwriter INIKO and listen to their latest HIT song, 'The King's Affirmation'.

To wrap up today's show we speak with singer/songwriter Sidney Riley and listen to his latest HIT song,

'It's Always Been You'.

Originally hailing from Washington, D.C., Sidney has been involved with the arts since he learned to play the piano at age 9. After discovering his deep passion for singing, as a cast member of 'Children's Choice', a popular children's British television show filmed in the Middle East, Riley decided to take his musical career more seriously. While in high school, he formed an acapella group and began writing original music. During that time, he alongside his high school choir had the fortune to perform at The Kennedy Center honoring Quincy Jones. 

Soon after celebrating this momentous occasion, Riley fell critically ill with meningoencephalitis, a rare disease that had him fighting for his life and in a coma for several months. Upon waking from his coma, he embarked on the long road to recovery. 

He credits his recovery, in part, to the role music played in his life and the motivation it gave him to get better.

Since then, he has made music his priority. Currently involved in several projects for himself and other artists from various genres, Sidney is ready to put his best foot forward while letting music guide his journey. 

To keep up with all that he's doing, follow him on the web at:

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