Interviews with Rick Dale from the History Channel‘s HIT TV show American Restoration and Singer, Songwriter and Artist Michael Lazar

September 26th, 2021

On today's show we speak with the master of all restorers, Rick Dale of Rick's Restorations.

Rick starred in the HIT TV show 'American Restoration' on the History channel.

Rich has restored everything from your old school toaster, to vintage motor bikes to space helmets. 

There's practically nothing Rick can't restore.

To keep up with all that he's up to, follow him on IG at:


On YouTube at:

Restoration Ricks

On the web at:

We also have on electro-singer and songwriter Michael Lazar 

Michael celebrates every second of breathing and living on our beautiful planet with his new single "Few Breaths Away, out now on all digital streaming platforms.

"Few Breaths Away is Lazar's third single from his debut album, 51/49, set to release October 8, 2021.

Lazar describes "Few Breaths Away" as special to him, 'Because it's about celebrating every second you have air in your lungs and being grateful for the privilege." He wrote the song with the intention of paying homage to both life and love.

Lazar states, "This song has a cautiously optimistic take on mortality, driving home the message that life could end at any moment. It urges the listener to always try living in the moment, and that if you're lucky enough to find true love, hold onto it and never let it go."

Having written and produced all the songs on his new album, Michael shares his own experiences of loss and rejection in the lyrics. Michael's goal with the 51/49 album is to find and celebrate the beauty in each moment of life, including the dark ones, and perhaps inspire others to do the same. 

Check out his new single, "Few Breaths Away" by Michael Lazar from his 15-track debut album, 51/49, set to release on October 8th, 2021.

Today you'll hear his two HIT songs from his 51/49 album, "Few Breaths Away" and 'Kokomo".

To keep up with all that he's up to, follow him on IG at:


And on the web at:

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