Interviews with Tyler Whitman from Bravo TVs MDLNY and Rohan Mehra Founder of The Market Line

July 27th, 2021

SURVEY SAYS!!! Grab your keys to unlock some super fun, exciting and only heard on The Big Fat Joey Show convos, because today we are speaking with one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing New York, Tyler Whitman.

Tyler talks all about NYC and Hamptons real estate as well as his appearance, and win, on Family Feud (MDLNY v. MDLLA). SURVEY SAYS!!!

What a fun time talking with Tyler and having him play everyone's favorite radio game, 'This or That' with Cyn.

To keep up with all that Tyler's doing, follow him on IG at:



Also today, we speak with Rohan Mehra, Co-Founder and Principal of The Prusick Group, who developed The Market Line.

The Market Line is a Lower East Side marketplace and eatery that opened just a few months prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and with Rohan's 'out of the box' thinking and financial acuteness, The Market Line is once again ready to reopen.

July 22nd marks its triumphant return with more vendors than it had before.

This underground market was created as a way to support the multi-cultural small businesses that make up this Lower East Side neighbor.

Think local favorites like the Pickle Guys, Tap NYC, Veselka, Nom Wah, Peoples Wine Shop, Que Chevere and more with new additions like fourth-generation Balducci and the Pecking House. 

The Market Line is a gastronomic wonderland that will tantalize your taste buds and reward your ravenous food fantasies!

So sharpen your teeth, adjust your belt and get your Eat On!!!

To follow and keep up with all that Rohan and The Market Line are up to, check them out on the web at:



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Thank you for listening!!!

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